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Maryland’s same-sex marriage law

In the spring of 2012 the Maryland legislature extended legal recognition to same-sex marriage, with several Republican and conservative lawmakers providing key support in that effort. This November, if opponents gather the requisite signatures, the issue will be placed before Maryland voters. If the example of other states is typical, this will be a hard-fought effort.

This blog is intended to participate in the debate, and in particular to advance the views of those with libertarian or right-of-center political sentiments who are also sympathetic to the aims of the new marriage bill.

You might be surprised by how many well-known people think as we do. Some are libertarians who believe in consistently applying a philosophy of freedom, and conclude that the relevant principle here is live and let live: “freedom means freedom for everyone.” Some, like former Vice President Dick Cheney and his family, know from firsthand experience that families grow stronger, not weaker, when gay families are given welcome and support.  Many leading thinkers and public figures on the Right, from former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to political columnist Michael Barone to libertarian law professor Richard Epstein, have declared their support for the idea.

This blog is meant to draw together Marylanders who agree.


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