In the news

Recent readings and news items of interest to the cause:

  • At the American Conservative, Noah Millman outlines a Burkean case for gay marriage — in brief, America has gone through “organic cultural change” on the relevant issues, and now the question is whether the law will catch up with where society already is. Some very good comments as well about how the “precautionary principle,” so impractical and unsuitable when confronting environmental risk, is equally so when confronting the risks of change in social policy;
  • Virginia Del. Bob Marshall, maestro of anti-gay animus in the Old Dominion, was utterly crushed in the Senate primary with less than 7% of the Republican vote [RCP] Not unrelated, this quote from a political scientist in the Washington Times: “You can’t win an election by being opposed to gay marriage anymore, even in Virginia.”
  • Eminent former U.N. Ambassador — and backer of same-sex marriage — John Bolton headlined this week’s Anne Arundel County Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner. Pictures here and here.
  • Josh Barro at Forbes notes that GOP politicians are increasingly feeling pressed by their own children, friends and relatives to soften or drop anti-gay positions. Is there anyone who expects this pressure to do anything but intensify?
  • Finally, from @daveweigel on Twitter: “I still can’t believe that legal gay marriage forced John Edwards to behave like this.”

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