Jonah Goldberg on gay marriage

Jonah Goldberg, National Review editor-at-large and syndicated columnist, discussing fusionism with Matt Welch at Reason:

In the 1960s, there were a lot of libertarians who believed in crushing monogamy and all of this kind of stuff and crushing the institution of marriage. And now they’re all cheering when they see two gay guys with wedding rings pushing a baby down Broadway. They think it’s fantastic, it’s a nice turn. And I think that is a nice turn. I think that if you’re going to have a position on homosexuality in life it’s better that they bourgeois-ify and pair up than live in pagan society. I think it’s great.

P.S. Welcome Andrew Sullivan readers! And please take a look around the blog, especially if you’re a well-wisher of Maryland’s historic new marriage law, which faces a likely ballot fight this November. Our Facebook group is here. — W.O.


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