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  • According to the latest Washington Post poll, Republicans under the age of 45 are now evenly split on same-sex marriage, 46-46%. Headline: “Republicans slowly warming to gay marriage.”
  • “We, the Republicans of the District of Columbia support the belief that all individuals, without regard to sexual orientation, are entitled to full and equal protection under the laws and the Constitution and that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.” The D.C. GOP thus becomes the first state Republican party to add LGBT-inclusive language to its platform. In states such as Indiana, progress on the issue this year consists of the GOP platform being silent on same-sex marriage this time around, where it had been negative before. At the other end of the spectrum, alas, is Texas, where the platform at least has dropped its former calls to imprison gays — grateful for small favors etc. — but still puts scare quotes around the word “couples”. The “baby steps” in progress in Texas apparently owe a lot to some dedicated local volunteers, whose task at times must seem thankless.
  • Progress: Institute for American Values president David Blankenhorn, long one of the most high-profile opponents of gay marriage, now explains in the New York Times why he has come to support it.
  • In Britain, meanwhile, the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister David Cameron has been outstandingly supportive of gay interests. There have been numerous openly gay Tory members of Parliament for many years, and the Conservatives “were the only Party of the main three to mention same-sex marriage in 2010 election documents,” according to @LGBToryUK. As part of the “Out4Marriage” campaign, you can watch videos endorsing same-sex marriage from such party figures as Tim Montgomerie of the influential Conservative Home website, Home Secretary (somewhat corresponding to our Attorney General) Theresa May, Parliamentary Secretary and MP Desmond Swayne (supports it “principally because I’m a Christian,”) and Crispin Blunt, an MP and undersecretary in the justice ministry (of gays’ legal inequality as a problem, “we need to tidy this up” — very British way of putting it).
  • Vice presidential daughter Mary Cheney has married her partner Heather Poe.
  • You may know Marylanders for Marriage Equality as the group organized to support Maryland’s new marriage law. [Sign their pledge, which will get you on their information list.] The ballot campaign this fall will cost money to win and they say that thanks to a kind donor every donation this week gets matched on a one-for-one basis. You can donate here.

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