In the News

  • Excellent run-down on the four marriage campaigns expected on the ballot this fall: Maryland, Minnesota, Maine and Washington [Paul Hogarth, BeyondChron]
  • “Same-sex marriage vote risks tyranny of the majority” [Baltimore Sun letter] One reason the opponents of the new marriage law had a successful petition drive is that a highly controversial outside group, the National Organization for Marriage, poured money into our state to make that happen [MME] And if you wonder why I call NOM “highly controversial,” here’s my take on one of the organization’s recent embarrassments.
  • More coverage of slow progress toward better handling of gay issues in state GOP platforms, including Oregon’s removal of some unfriendly language‬. What will the Maryland GOP do? [TPM, David Frum, earlier]
  • From Libertarian candidate Paul Drgos in the 3rd Maryland Congressional District: “I support the repeal of the DOMA. Federalism mandates that state law on marriage be respected.” Drgos is running against incumbent John Sarbanes (D) and Eric Delano Knowles (R).
  • Remember those scare stories about how gays in the services would somehow violate the conscience of military chaplains? They were just scare stories: “As gays serve openly, few problems for chaplains” [Richmond Times-Dispatch]
  • Public ahead of politicians: “Poll shows 70 percent public support in Ireland for gay marriage” [Irish Times] “Conservatives should support culture of fidelity in gay marriage” [Trevor Khan, The Australian]

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