David Lampo to speak at Cato on Wednesday

This Wednesday, July 18, David Lampo will give a luncheon talk at the Cato Institute (with which I’m affiliated) in Washington, D.C. on his important new book, A Fundamental Freedom: Why Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians Should Support Gay Rights, just out from Rowman & Littlefield.
From the Cato website:

It is an axiom of modern American politics that most Republicans and conservatives are not only anti-gay, but that they have capitulated to an anti-gay agenda formulated and pursued by the religious right for the past several decades. David Lampo makes the A Fundamental Freedom of David Lampocase that, contrary to the conventional wisdom of many on the right, support for gay rights by Republicans and conservatives is not only consistent with their stated belief in individual liberty and limited government, but will also provide long-term political benefits for the GOP and the conservative movement. He argues that the anti-gay agenda promoted by many social conservatives succinctly exposes the hypocrisy of those who talk of limited government and individual rights, but ignore both when it comes to gay rights and other personal freedom issues. It is, in fact, the defenders of gay rights within the Republican ranks who are keeping faith with core conservative principles. He also presents a variety of polling data that show that rank-and-file Republicans, including many Tea Party supporters, are far more supportive of gay rights than commonly presumed. As the GOP faces a changing nation, Lampo’s provocative call to revive and realize cherished American principles should be heard by every citizen. Please join us for an important discussion of politics and principles.

Commenting will be the distinguished AEI political commentator and analyst Michael Barone; John Samples of the Center for Representative Government, Cato Institute, will moderate. The event is free, but requires registration by Tuesday; details here. If you can’t make it in person, you can watch online. An excerpt of David’s writing about the Tea Party and gay rights appeared in The Blaze, and the Los Angeles Times just ran his op-ed on “Where Republicans Really Stand on Gay Rights“.

P.S. More on David’s book from Rick Sincere at the Examiner; and this very positive review in Publishers Weekly.


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