In the news, August 4

  • Updating our Wednesday post on polls: on Thursday, a new Hart Research Associates poll was released finding 54-40 support among Maryland voters for same-sex marriage, with a one-point deficit among black voters — numbers broadly consistent with the Pew survey, and (like it) suggesting a partial (but only partial) subsidence of the May “Obama bounce.” [Advocate, NYT/Frank Bruni]
  • In case you missed this in May: Jonathan Rauch, “We are a sideshow no longer” [Salon] Jonathan was among the guests at our fundraiser last month;
  • In press profiles, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, now running as a Libertarian, keeps outflanking both Obama and Romney in support of same-sex marriage [NewsMax; GQ profile (“only pro-gay” contender in GOP field); Facebook group]
  • For those not totally burned out on the Chick-Fil-A controversy, I’ve got a new post at Overlawyered rounding up some of the lessons [earlier].
  • How many more iterations before this story line ceases to be treated as surprising? “Same Sex Marriage Rights Surprisingly Funded by Wealthy Republicans (Yes, Republicans)” [Ned Flaherty, PolicyMic; Philadelphia Inquirer] Related: “Why is it libs act like they discovered Atlantis when writing re conservatives/libertarians who support gay marriage?” [Mark Newgent]

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