In the news, August 10

  • “Young GOPers erase lines on social issues” [NYTimes] “Romney, Other Top Republicans, Mostly Silent On Same-Sex Marriage” [Doug Mataconis, Outside the Beltway] Earlier this summer, Ric Grenell: why I’m comfortable supporting both Romney and same-sex marriage [WSJ, CNN]
  • Coming soon: Maryland Lawyers for Marriage Equality, let us know in comments if you’d like to help. State bar took a stand this spring [MSBA] Minnesota lawyers have led the way with a statewide group [Star-Tribune, On Top mag]
  • Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has proposed kidnapping kids into an “Underground Railroad” to save them from gay parents. My new HuffPost piece takes a look;
  • Funny “chicken offsets” scheme from DC lawyer Ted Frank, who was a major host of our July fundraiser [Freakonomics]
  • “Supporters of same-sex civil marriage in MD should take zero comfort from a 14% poll lead, and work like we’re 6 points behind.” [@BruceGodfrey]

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