Vote FOR Question 6

The state of Maryland has now assigned a question number to the Civil Marriage Protection Act: vote FOR Question 6. Here is the official description of the measure:

Establishes that Maryland’s civil marriage laws allow gay and lesbian couples to obtain a civil marriage license, provided they are not otherwise prohibited from marrying; protects clergy from having to perform any particular marriage ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs; affirms that each religious faith has exclusive control over its own theological doctrine regarding who may marry within that faith; and provides that religious organizations and certain related entities are not required to provide goods, services, or benefits to an individual related to the celebration or promotion of marriage in violation of their religious beliefs.

Marylanders for Marriage Equality has more in their press release.

A danger we face this fall is that some Republicans and conservatives will promote a “straight NO” position on the four ballot questions (DREAM Act, redistricting maps, marriage, table gaming) rather than considering each on its individual merits. Over on Facebook, I just posted at my own county (Frederick) Republican central committee site the following comment:

Please consider joining Sen. Allan Kittleman (R-Howard, Carroll) and many other loyal Maryland Republicans and conservatives in voting Yes on 6, the marriage bill. Check Facebook’s “Maryland for All Families” group to learn more about the conservative/libertarian case for freedom to marry.

A discussion ensued that is still in progress.


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