In the news, August 22

  • “Abysmal” GOP platform on gay issues: “This may well be the last time a platform will cater to the likes of the Family Research Council on marriage.” [Log Cabin Republicans] FRC’s Perkins: “I wrote” draft GOP plank on marriage [Advocate] “The Republican Party… as the party of Lincoln, has a proud tradition of expanding liberties.” [YCFM] And the Washington Post is the latest of many publications to notice that key GOP donors are also generously supporting the same-sex marriage cause [Dan Eggen]
  • “Akin ‘rape’ remarks draw attention to candidate’s anti-gay record” [Blade, RWW] “Democrats spent over $1.5 million trying to help Akin win his three-way primary” [WaPo, Aug. 8]
  • Political consultant/blogger Jon Henke: “I have been pro gay marriage for a very long time. Many Republicans are. A majority support either gay marriage or civil unions.” ‏[@JonHenke]
  • “I’d rather err on the side of love, wouldn’t you?” Cokie and Steve Roberts cite Washington GOP legislator Maureen Walsh [Tacoma News-Tribune]

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One response to “In the news, August 22

  1. The Republican platform stand on gay marriage is disappointing, but the role of the Log Cabin Republicans in improving the platform in some other respects to recognize the equal rights of GLBT people is to be respected. I hope they are right that this will be the last time that the Republican Party takes an anti-gay marriage stance in its platform. The party membership is actually about evenly split now and gay marriage is clearly going to be accepted soon by the party platform. It is getting harder and harder to deny equal rights.

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