GOP convention special

Yes, that’s Sen. Allan Kittleman (R-Howard, Carroll Counties) prominently featured in New York magazine’s article on the Young Conservatives for Freedom To Marry event in Tampa. It’s a great short article if you need to catch up on why he’s such a hero of ours.

Tremendous amount of publicity out of Tampa for YCFM and Log Cabin Republicans, which jointly bought a giant ad in the Tampa paper advancing the message. And GOProud stole the show for nightlife, attracting hundreds of guests including Grover Norquist and S.E. Cupp.

Chris Geidner, at Buzzfeed, interviewed eight GOP delegates and two alternates about same-sex marriage, and found a set of views far more varied than the party’s antediluvian platform plank would suggest:

Of eight delegates and two alternate delegates interviewed, only three supported the Federal Marriage Amendment proposal. Two of those who supported the amendment proposal, however, added that they were in support of civil unions. Two supported full marriage equality, and several others took a states’ rights view, urging the federal government to limit — or end — all involvement in marriage issues altogether.

In other words, only one of the ten went on record in favor of the prescribed NOM/FRC position (Federal Marriage Amendment, no to civil unions). I’m not surprised by the strength of the “let the states handle it” position, which, even if it tends to dissatisfy the most passionate believers on both sides, in practice represents a huge improvement on the Republican Party’s current official stance.


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