In the news, September 11

  • Del. Emmett Burns backs off his bid to silence Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo [Baltimore Sun, earlier here, here] A Sun editorial says Del. Burns’ unfamiliarity with the principles of the First Amendment “suggests he has neither the temperament nor the basic understanding of government and law to continue in office. The fact that the use of his office letterhead for the purpose may have violated General Assembly ethics rules only underscores the point.” More analysis of the free speech issues from Hans Bader at CEI;
  • “Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman stresses Maryland same-sex law ‘enhances freedom'” [Michael Lavers, Washington Blade]
  • “On gay rights, Romney should look to Republican women” [Casey Pick, BlogHer]
  • Our friend David Lampo traces the weird disconnect between the throwback platform plank and the actual views of most Republican voters [HuffPo] Plus: “Why Are We So Afraid of Gay Republicans?” [Rob Smith, HuffPo]

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One response to “In the news, September 11

  1. Richard Baldwin cook

    So, we have the spectacle of a black elected official writing a letter to a White billionaire – asking, pretty please, SIr, won’t you silence that black employee of yours? You know who I mean, that big guy I’m afraid to talk to directly.

    What a sad world Mister Burns lives in.

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