From Minnesota, Republican voices for freedom to marry

“Republicans Against the Minnesota Marriage Amendment” is (so to speak) our sister group working on the ballot measure in Minnesota. They have a page of their own on the website of the overall campaign, Minnesotans United for All Families.

Click through and you’ll find videos and a discussion sheet (PDF) much of which could be adapted to our own situation in Maryland. It stresses individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness, religious liberty for churches on both sides of the divide, and the importance of socially reinforcing rather than undermining the capacity we all have for love, commitment, and taking responsibility for families of our own. Here’s a letter to the editor making similar points. And this extraordinary, must-watch video featuring state Rep. John Kriesel (R-Cottage Grove):

Note that in Minnesota the ballot measure is couched in an opposite way from ours, so that while we need to vote FOR Question 6, they need to vote no to defeat a state constitutional amendment that would foreclose marriage.


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