Former P.G. Republican chairman speaks out

Jason W. Papanikolas, former chairman of the Republican Central Committee for Prince George’s County, has written an opinion piece for the Gazette, titled “Call for Republicans to support same-sex marriage”. Excerpt:

The Republican Party has historically supported equal rights for all individuals. It was President Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican, who saw our nation through its bloodiest conflict to ensure that all men were born free. When liberty was threatened by Jim Crow, Republicans rose up again to challenge the institutions of power and ensure that freedom, given to us by God and protected by our Constitution, was secured. We are again summoned to defend the sovereignty of the individual. …

It is the height of hypocrisy to call for the government to get out of our lives in one area and interfere with it in another. Our party must lead or get out of the way. We are either for limited enumerated powers being granted to our government or else we are no better than the Democrats on this issue.


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