Julius Henson returns — working for No on 6

Maryland Juice offers an advance peek at the ugly, divisive literature some of our adversaries are planning to use against us in the African-American community, following NOM’s advice to “fan the hostility” between blacks and gays. The effort “appears to be run by relatives of Bob Ehrlich’s disgraced robocall consultant, Julius Henson.” Per the Gazette in May, “Henson is going back to work with a ‘Jump the Broom for Marriage’ campaign, he said, ‘fighting against what’s called marriage equality.'” Baltimore City Paper connects more dots (see fourth from last paragraph).

If you need a refresher about the robocall scandal, in which Democratic consultant Henson hurt Maryland Republicans badly, check here, here, and here. Talking Points Memo wrote of Henson in 2010, “A Maryland political operative behind misleading election day robocalls has a long and colorful history of political tricks so dirty that even in Baltimore political consultants ‘don’t want to even breathe the same air as him.'” You’d think our adversaries would know to steer clear of a character like this — or maybe they don’t care.


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