In the news, October 18

  • “The Republican case for Question 6” — tremendous op-ed by David Lampo in Wednesday’s Baltimore Sun. And have you seen David’s video on why the GOP should be pro-gay rights? []
  • Question 6 opponents use Gallaudet suspension in “they’re persecuting us” scare ad; Sun editorialists refute. “What all three cases, and that of Ms. McCaskill, have in common is that they have nothing to do with the question of whether Maryland voters approve marriage equality. … Gallaudet made a boneheaded decision in her case, but that is no reason to deny all Marylanders equal rights under the law.” [earlier, and related Sun editorial]
  • “The freedom of individuals to make their own decisions about who they choose to marry”: Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Republican governor Gary Johnson endorses Question 6 [Gary Johnson 2012]
  • Hurrah for Chip DiPaula, Gov. Ehrlich’s former chief of staff, who’s campaigning for Question 6 [John Wagner, WaPo] Another high-profile Republican on our side: NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who’s got numerous ties to the state through his alma mater Johns Hopkins [Marylanders for Marriage Equality, NYDN]. Paul Singer, major GOP funder, gives $250,000 to Question 6 effort [Wagner, WaPo]

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