Maryland Marriage Alliance event: gays, supporters “worthy of death”

Religious extremism will wreck the conservative movement if we let it. A case in point, this appalling video of panelists at an October 19 “town hall” meeting promoted by the Maryland Marriage Alliance, our main NOM-backed adversaries in the fight on Question 6. Here’s panelist Robert Anderson of Colonial Baptist Church in Randallstown: “If we don’t vote against it, then we approving these things that are worthy of death.”

Anderson also quoted a Bible passage implying that those who knowingly approve of same-sex relations are also “worthy of death.” Well, there are a lot of us that will need to be killed off.

Also on the podium: Maryland Marriage Alliance director Derek McCoy and Austin Nimocks of the misnamed Alliance Defending Freedom, who has testified before Congress on DOMA and writes a column at TownHall. Judge for yourself their reactions as Anderson delivered his remarks. [Good As You; Huffington Post; more examples of sickening rhetoric at an anti-6 event]

Groups like Maryland Marriage Alliance and Alliance Defending Freedom already have far too much influence in Maryland Republican circles. If we don’t stand up and challenge them when something like this comes to light, what will it take? When do we draw the line, say “no more,” and begin the hard work of taking back a great party and movement?

Say no to religious extremism and vote FOR Question 6 on Nov. 6.



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3 responses to “Maryland Marriage Alliance event: gays, supporters “worthy of death”

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  2. A normal person

    I love the “awesome” comment at the end. This is not awesome – this is medieval.

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