In the news, October 25

  • Furor builds as Maryland Marriage Alliance declines to disavow panelist’s “gays and their supporters are deserving of death” remarks [Annie Linskey/Baltimore Sun, earlier; Gazette, Dan Rodricks/Sun, NBC Washington, WaPo, WUSA, Popehat] MMA’s Derek McCoy: I’ll need to review tape of panel I was on before deciding whether to regret my reaction to “worthy of death” [Linskey, Sun editorial]
  • Hurricane Sandy permitting, this is the Saturday of Signs, when lawn signs will sprout in profusion. Get your FOR QUESTION 6 sign here.
  • “Republican Anti-Gay Marriage Stance Alienates Jewish Voters” [Stephen Richer, PolicyMic]
  • Fueling our advancement in polls: “a quarter of the total change was due to replacement of older voters by a younger generation, but a full 75% of the shift was due to Americans changing their mind on the issue of marriage.” [Jonathan Capehart, WaPo, on new Third Way study]

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