Revolt in the GOP: “We’re not going to oppose 6”

It’s often assumed that the Maryland Republican Party is operating as some sort of united force against Question 6 to defeat the freedom to marry, but that’s very far from the truth. In point of fact the party holds a wide range of opinion. One of the clearest signs of that is that many county Republican Central Committees, including those in some of the biggest counties, are disinclined to recommend a vote against 6 or to throw their weight in the scales in other ways against it.

According to direct information from persons in a position to know, at least three county GOP central committees have decided not to issue any recommendation to Republican voters on Question 6. All three of those counties — Prince George’s, Howard, and Queen Anne’s — are home to prominent Republican activists who are known to favor the state’s new same-sex marriage law.

Now it’s true that in some other counties, such as Montgomery, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Harford, and Calvert, the party organization is promoting a vote against 6. For many other counties, we haven’t been able to find indications online of whether the party has committed itself.

So this post is meant to serve as a sort of scorecard. If you can bring us something reasonably definitive (a document, a news account, the word of a committee member) as to what stand other county central committees have taken, we’ll add them to the listing.

In the mean time, all hail to the Prince George’s, Howard and Queen Anne’s county GOPs for recognizing that good Republicans are divided on this issue and that the best course for the party is to leave it to each voter’s conscience.


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