In the news, October 30

  • New Baltimore Sun survey shows Maryland voters evenly split on Question 6, within statistical margin of error. [MetroWeekly] Turnout is going to be the key, so make sure our supporters get to the polls! Early voting will resume tomorrow (Wed) and will continue through Friday with extended hours from 8am-9pm. Find your polling location here.
  • Truly excellent editorial in the Carroll County Times, with mention of Sen. Kittleman and GOP support. Other prominent newspapers have also endorsed Question 6, including the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post and the Frederick News-Post.
  • Don’t accept “gay lobby vs. organized religion” framing — it’s bogus [David Fishback letter in Gazette; Freedom To Marry roundup] Does NOM really believe you don’t count as a person of faith if you support freedom to marry? [Box Turtle Bulletin] “Why I as an evangelical Christian think same-sex marriage should be legal” [Sarah Bessey, Deeper Story] “My take: The Christian case for gay marriage” [lawprof Mark Osler, CNN Belief Blog] Baltimore pastor speaks his mind in homily: “The St. Vincent parishioners gave Lawrence a standing ovation.” [NCR Online]
  • Here’s the ad from the campaign for 6 responding to ads from the other side claiming the law will change what children are taught in schools:

    And Box Turtle Bulletin, Jeremy Hooper and Scott Wooledge have some background about the guy in the “They’re teaching gay stuff in Massachusetts schools!” ads, and the Boston Globe doesn’t think much of his claims either.

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