Who’s for freedom to marry, and Question 6?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, Ambassador John Bolton and First Lady Laura Bush aren’t the only ones who’ve spoken out in favor of same-sex marriage. Check out our new list of notable right-of-center figures in Maryland and beyond.

And here are a bunch of other clips, many just from the past few days, to brighten your weekend:

  • Great letter by Randy Linville of Marriottsville in the Carroll County Times, which itself ran a superb editorial the other day on the freedom-oriented case for Question 6.
  • Former Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman has spoken out on the issue before, but now he’s got a letter in the Gazette: “Conservatives should support freedom to marry
  • If you were to nominate Maryland’s most distinguished conservative public intellectual, one strong candidate for the mantle would have to be AEI scholar Charles Murray, considered the key thinker behind welfare reform. So far as we know he hasn’t spoken out specifically on Question 6, but a little while back he explained why as a former opponent of same-sex marriage he had changed his mind and now regards it as not a big deal.
  • “The time for this is now” — middle-of-the-road Howard County policyblogger Tom Coale [HoCo Rising]
  • First-rate letter on religion and Question 6 by Michael Siciliano in the Cumberland Times-News;
  • A voice from Maine [State Rep. Stacey Fitts, video] And one from Colorado [Lauren Stieritz]
  • There are so many reasons for us to be proud of Sen. Allan Kittleman (R-Howard, Carroll). There’s hardly a lawmaker in Annapolis with a finer conservative voting record. He’s done heavy lifting on so many crucial legislative issues. And he’s so tremendously supportive when it comes to our cause. Here’s a pic of him stopping by the Silver Spring office of Marylanders for Marriage Equality to do some phone banking for Question 6. And here Lisa and Laura Kittleman are seen canvassing for our cause as part of the PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) effort in Howard County.
  • Finally, in today’s Baltimore Sun, Annie Linskey mentions our efforts in Frederick County.

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