In the news, November 4

  • Highlight of Sunday’s anti-6 rally in Frederick: Pastor Luke Robinson of Quinn Chapel AME Church says “God sent” hurricane to punish NYC Mayor Bloomberg and backers of gay marriage in places like Massachusetts. Way to make Frederick the laughingstock of the world, Pastor! Earlier here;
  • Don’t you just love shopping with friends? Nordstrom is just one of the great Maryland businesses that supports freedom to marry, along with PayPal, Nike, Calvert Investments and Engage LLC, and also Frederick’s favorite son chef Bryan Voltaggio. Johns Hopkins University president Ronald Daniels, in a Sun op-ed, endorsed Question 6, “noting that it would give Johns Hopkins a recruiting edge against many of its peers.” [JHU] Meanwhile, our adversaries at the National Organization for Marriage could not unreasonably be described as an anti-business group, constantly promoting boycotts of leading businesses like Starbucks and General Mills that are not socially conservative enough for their tastes and even trying to harm those companies internationally.
  • Good! Mailers now hitting postboxes with GOP-oriented Vote-For-6 themes (freedom, less government, concern for neighbors). Much appreciated.
  • Back in February, GOP political figure and former Ehrlich speechwriter Richard J. Cross III blogged these thoughts on our subject, very much worth reading;
  • Republicans this cycle are far less likely to be running against gay marriage, and in that you can hear the sound of social change [David Boaz (Cato), Huffington Post; Damon Root, Reason]

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