Thank you, Maryland

We won yesterday by a 52-48 margin. This is truly a great day, and a historic one, marking the first time that any state has adopted same-sex marriage through a vote of its electorate. Making things all the grander, same-sex marriage appears to have had a clean sweep last night, winning in the Maine and Washington referenda as well as defeating the Minnesota constitutional amendment.

We’ll be back with some thoughts about how the campaign went and the abundant indications that Question 6 drew significant backing from conservative, Republican and (of course) libertarian Maryland voters. In the mean time, we’d like to thank some of those who were especially instrumental in outreach to these constituencies: Mike Estève, Steve Pippin, Chrys Kefalas, Joshua Wolf, Dave Myers, Kevin Waterman, Sen. Allan Kittleman, Dennis Hoffman, Katie Nash, Cory Stottlemyer, Chip DiPaula, Jessica Fugate, Casey Pick, R. Clarke Cooper, and David Lampo.

Question 6 carried the three counties that collectively represent the heartland of the Maryland conservative electorate. We carried suburban Baltimore County narrowly, and Anne Arundel County by a healthy margin. Most remarkably of all, we carried Frederick County, the county most identified with social conservatism as a force in the Maryland GOP. Among those, both conservative and not-so, who we want to thank specifically for their work in Frederick County are Amy Adler, Dennis Hoffman again, Rev. Barbara Kershner Daniel, and Steve Pippin and Katie and Cory again.

Thank you, Maryland!

— Walter Olson


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