Digging further into the GOP vote for Question 6

I’ve now published a second piece in the Huffington Post on the Maryland Republican vote for Question 6, this time based on precinct-level analysis. (The first piece, based on county-level returns, is here.)

Briefly, there were many solidly Republican towns which voted for both Mitt Romney and for Question 6, sometimes with a landslide both ways, as with Hunt Valley north of Baltimore, which went only 37 percent for Obama and 65 percent for Question 6. Other examples I cite in the piece include Severna Park near Annapolis and New Market Middle east of Frederick (my own precinct). I could easily have given other instances, such as Catonsville, five of whose precincts went for Romney this year; four out of those five then proceeded to vote for Question 6, in one instance by 63 percent of its vote. Or Dayton in semi-rural Howard County (39 percent Obama, 53 percent for Question 6), among many others.

Fox News has also released its exit polls which indicates that Question 6 won 25 percent of self-described Republicans, 22 percent of self-described conservatives, 27 percent of those who felt Mitt Romney was “more in touch with people like you” compared with Barack Obama, and 36 percent of those who said that “Government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals” was closer to their view than “Government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals.” (More from John Riley, MetroWeekly.)

Thanks for links and reactions to: Andrew Sullivan, Ken Mehlman in the WSJ, and on Twitter Steve Chapman, Chai Feldblum, Log Cabin Republicans, and Jimmy LaSalvia.


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