More election reactions

  • Must-read Chris Geidner article on how our side beat the other side’s scare ads by emphasizing commitment, love, home, and the unique bond between parents and children. These were familiar themes to us at Maryland for All Families and they were crucial in allaying the concerns of voters in the middle [BuzzFeed]
  • Tom Coale at HoCoRising has some much deserved praise for Dave Myers’ efforts within the Howard County GOP.
  • Theocon crowd at First Things mag fears the Wall Street Journal is slipping away from them on this issue, and they’re having a fit about it.
  • NOM was so ridiculously wrong in its political predictions. What else might it be wrong about? [Rob Tisinai, Box Turtle Bulletin]

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One response to “More election reactions

  1. The research behind the response to the “Princess” ads was fascinating and superbly done. Bravo to all four campaigns!

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