About us

“Freedom means freedom for everyone,” and families are stronger when everyone has a chance at family life. In 2012 the Maryland legislature extended legal recognition to same-sex marriage, with several Republican and conservative lawmakers joining in that effort. Maryland for All Families is intended to promote libertarian, conservative and right-of-center support for Question 6, upholding the new marriage law. Vote FOR Question 6 on November 6.

If you’re in the press and looking for a quote, interview or guest, we can put you in touch with viewpoints that are not always well represented in coverage of these issues. If you’re a community or political organization, ask us about providing a speaker.

About us: Walter Olson, who founded MAF and writes most of its output, is a Frederick County resident who has been active on libertarian and conservative policy matters for many years. He resides in Frederick County; more about him here (organizations for identification only). Steve Pippin, a longtime publishing executive, has been associated with conservative journals of opinion as well as leading political and policy magazines. Mike Esteve, president of the Maryland for All Families PAC, is former head of the Maryland College Republicans and active in state GOP politics.

If you would like to donate to our work, the address is: Maryland for All Families PAC, c/o Steve Pippin, Treasurer, 13 W. Main St., New Market, MD 21774. For reporting purposes, you must include 1) your address if not printed on your check; 2) your employer and occupation. Contributions are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions or as business expenses under IRC Section 162(e). You can also contribute to Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the umbrella campaign FOR Question 6, through a special Maryland for All Families page.

Contact us at allmdfamilies – at – gmail – dot – com. We’re on Twitter and Facebook, and you can also visit our allies at the active Facebook group Maryland Republicans for Marriage Equality.