Press clips


Coverage of Maryland for All Families:

David Frum, Daily Beast
Chris Geidner, BuzzFeed
Young Conservatives for Freedom to Marry blog
Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Beast
Al-Jazeera (Arabic news network)
Annapolis Capital-Gazette
Scott Wooledge, Daily Kos (link)

On and by our supporters:

Walter Olson, “Why Many GOPers Quietly Backed Maryland Question 6”, Huffington Post, Nov. 9, 2012 (& publicity in Andrew Sullivan, Cafe Hayek, Maryland Juice, Independent Gay Forum).
David Lampo, op-ed in the Baltimore Sun, “A Republican Case for Question 6.”
Gazette on Mike Esteve and Chrys Kefalas
Chrys Kefalas in the Washington Post
Dave Myers letter, Baltimore Sun
Dave Myers letter, “Republicans can vote yes on Maryland Question 6,”, Washington Examiner, Nov. 5.
Kevin Waterman op-ed, Chestertown Spy
Annie Linskey, Baltimore Sun, on Walter Olson’s work in Frederick County.
Annie Linskey, Baltimore Sun, Nov. 10, on pivotal role of Chip DiPaula, former aide to Gov. Ehrlich.
Walter Olson in the Wall Street Journal on religious accommodation
Walter Olson letter to the editor, Gazette on religious disagreements
Walter Olson letter to the editor, Frederick News-Post and related post, Cato at Liberty on family stability


Walter Olson, Red Maryland “The Broadside” with Mark Newgent and Andrew Langer, July 30.

Dave Myers, WVIE 1370 am, “Maynard and Shari show,” October 26

Chrys Kefalas, WBAL 1090, Nov. 5.

Walter Olson, Mike Signorile’s Sirius XM 108 show, on the GOP vote for Question 6, Nov. 12, 2012.


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