On the issues

Whys and wherefores:

* David Lampo in the Baltimore Sun: A Republican Case for Question 6.
* Chrys Kefalas: Marriage, the Golden Rule, and my mom.
* Dave Myers letter, “Republicans Support Same-Sex Marriage, Too,” Baltimore Sun
* Kevin Waterman op-ed, “A Republican in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage,” Chestertown Spy
* Peter Tucci in the Daily Caller
* Ted Olson in Newsweek/Daily Beast
* Jonathan Rauch, various writings (such as)
* An Iowa Republican’s case.
* Gay rights: not an attack on traditional values, but a defense of the right to live freely.

Children and families:

* Family cohesion and stability is important, and according to the statistics, those variables are if anything stronger in states with gay marriage.
* Anti-6 campaign misuses social science data to attack gay parents, and relies on the exceedingly weak Regnerus study.
* “The law passed by the General Assembly this year says nothing about what should or should not be taught in schools.”
* If it were your family.

Polls and politics:

* June poll: under-45 Republican voters split evenly.
* “Republicans Are on the Wrong Side of Gay Marriage, and it Could Cost Them Crucial Swing State Votes
* “Vote against O’Malley’s laws”? No, vote for or against the merits of each measure individually.
* Sarah Longwell: “The demographics in our party are shifting…” “Young GOPers erase lines on social issues.”
* Actual views of GOP rank and file contrasted with the off-the-wall platform.
* Notorious robo-call consultant Julius Henson, who did so much damage to the Maryland GOP last time around, returns, working for No on 6.
* Cantor: GOP needs to be the “party of inclusion.”

Religious liberty/freedom of conscience:

* Civil government should not be taking one side on questions of religion, most especially when, as here, churches themselves disagree on this issue.
* Civil marriage and religious marriage are two different things, just as birth certificates and christenings are different things. Long before any of us were born, civil government was issuing marriage certificates to couples who were not accepted as married by churches (e.g., because one partner was remarrying after divorce). Churches were and are free to disagree, and this has not led to persecution.
* Catholic Charities’ withdrawal from social service adoption in Massachusetts: what really happened.
* Most worries about a clash between private conscience rights and gay marriage have nothing to do with gay marriage as such, but arise from the workings of antidiscrimination laws whether or not the law recognizes gay marriage;
* Religious-conscience exceptions that limit the application of discrimination law are a wise idea — and Maryland’s law as signed by the governor goes farther in the direction of accommodation than does any other state’s. More from Hans Bader;
* Politicians should leave Chick-Fil-A alone, and Gallaudet U. acted wrongly when it suspended a diversity officer for disagreeing on the issue;
* Similarly, Maryland Del. Emmett Burns (D-Baltimore County) should leave Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo alone.


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